Check our Delivery & Shipping method

In Tropico Market we constantly seek to improve our service, and one of the keys to achieve this is to maintain competitive prices, efficient delivery services and shipping in or out of Hungary in accordance with proper timelines.
  • Delivery/Shipping in Hungary:

The delivery will be performed by District (Available from District I,II,III, V to District IX and XIII). Other Districts can be cover using the Hungarian Postal Service (POSTA) see below for more details.

-Delivery Prices depends of the total amount of your order:

0 - 3.000 HUF ---- 500 HUF

3.100 – 6000 HUF ------ 800 HUF

6.100 - 9000 HUF ------ 1.000 HUF

9.100 - or Above HUF ------- 2.000 HUF

Kindly add any of these option in accordance with your home address or the place where you want to receive your order.

This cost will be automatically added to your order at the check out step, so if you're agreed you will get it in the total amount of your order.

In case you´re living out of these zones, or outside of Budapest you can choose Domestic Shipping in Hungary, home delivery through POSTA, up to 15 KG within a cost of 2.750 HUF, this will be added automatically to your order amount as well. 

Delivery&Shipping FREE OF CHARGE, if you would like to pick up personally, your order at our deposit point.

  • Delivery schedule:

Please be aware that our deadline to receive order through the website will be up to 3pm, in case you need to received your goods in the same date of your purchase. If your order is placed after 3pm, then the order will be deliver on the next available delivery date.

Our delivery men will carry out your order between an hour range from 5pm-7pm - Tuesday, Thursday  and Saturday every week.

This may change, in accordance with the volume of the purchases received.